Covid made me healthy

Okay hear me out, because I know that title sounds crazy.

I had a cold this past week, which normally for me is a pretty big deal. Last year I had a cold and I was sick for a month and a half, and honestly that’s pretty normal for me. This time though, I’m almost back to 100% after 7 days. I think I’ve figured out what was different this year. Covid. I was forced to stay home once I showed even the slightest symptoms, even though there was probably only day this week that I would have originally called in sick. I would have just powered through it all, and probably not gotten enough sleep, and been exhausted the whole time. But because I was essentially forced to just… stay home and relax and rest and heal, I actually did.

I know, that probably sounds obvious, but I always was taught as a kid that the only time you should stay home is when you physically can’t work, but I like this a lot better. Instead of staying home one or two days, and then being a little bit sick for a month, I’m a lot sick for a few days, and a little sick for a few more, and then totally fine after that, and best of all, I didn’t have to risk anyone else getting sick by my coming in.

I hope with all this covid stuff, that businesses in the future start giving their employees more sick days, because I gotta be honest, I think not working for a few extra days in order to ensure that the person is back to tip top shape is better than forcing them to work if they don’t have a doctor’s note, and then being surprised that their productivity is down, and that everyone else mysteriously gets sick too. Better to have to replace one person for a few extra days, rather than needing to completely shut down everything because everyone gets hit at the same time.

TLDR: Resting and relaxing at home is surprisingly effective at helping people get healthy, and I got much more of that then I normally get when sick, due to the fact that I legally wasn’t allowed to work while I was sick.