Changing Policies

I saw someone talking about their experience at work recently and it’s really got me thinking. So with lockdowns, this person has been working from home consistently for basically a year now, and recently got back into the office, and after just a week, their boss pulls them aside and says hey… you’re making a lot of people around here very uncomfortable. We’re going to need you to follow company policy here, which states that you need to shave your legs. Oh I forgot to mention this person is a girl. Here’s the thing, Mr. Boss Man, you may not have known this, women… are human. Did you know that humans grow hair on their legs? Did you know that it’s actually a fairly common thing for humans of all genders to grow facial hair? I know several women who shave their faces. Now, if you want to have a policy of women needing to shave their legs, I’m sorry, but you’re ALSO going to have to shave your legs too, along with every other man working for you. Restaurants require chefs to put their hair in nets, including facial hair. It should be noted that if a woman had a beard, she’d need to wear a hair net for it too. You can’t discriminate by gender. If you’re forcing women to do something, you’re gonna have to force men to do it too. And if you think it’s ridiculous to try and make men shave their legs for their job, guess what, it’s also ridiculous to make women do that.

It sort of opens up a broader discussion as well of like… Women shouldn’t need to wear makeup on the job either, and if they choose to go braless, that’s none of your business. Like unless you’re planning on enforcing those rules for all the men too, just let women look how they want to look, because it doesn’t affect their job performance at all. In fact, the fact that they won’t have to wake up as early to shave their legs or to put on makeup, means they’re probably going to get better sleep and do better work! And if it makes you uncomfortable to see a woman with hairy legs, I’ve got some advice for you. Simply… Don’t look at her legs. Why are you staring at a woman’s legs, that’s creepy. People complain that I’m too openly gay on the station here, but no matter how into men I am, I ain’t never staring at a guy’s legs or chest or whatever else, unless it’s my boyfriend. It’s called basic respect.

I know there’s workplaces out there that require men to shave their faces, and I’m sure if a woman had facial hair, she’d need to follow that policy, but if the men aren’t being forced to do something, then the women shouldn’t be either. And if it matters so much to you that women shave their legs, you’re going to have to make all the men shave theirs too. It’s not about me thinking it’s ridiculous that someone should have to shave their legs for their job. Swimmers shave everything to reduce drag, it’s just the smart thing to do. No, my issue is just that there’s no equality there. If you want to live in a world where there are no labels, and everyone is treated the same and equally, we’re gonna have to start with stuff like this. Either make everyone shave, or let whoever wants to do it, do it, and those who don’t, let them not do it.