CCMA Weekend Recap

This past weekend I headed down to Calgary for the CCMA Weekend, sadly missing the award show to make it back for work today. The weekend was amazing from seeing free shows interviewing artists (though one it turns out didn’t record), and meeting other people in radio/media outlets. The highlight might have been Mackenzie Porter using one of my pictures on her social media, the picture is also up on the River Country Instagram page (Click Here).

Chad Brownlee performing in the Fan Village on Saturday Night

CCMA Fan Village was a huge part of the weekend, that is where they had big free shows, meet and greets as well as goat yoga. The free concerts included seeing Chad Brownlee, The Reklaws, James Barker Band, The Washboard Union and many others over a three day span. The crowds were electric at seeing their favourites and discovering some new ones. Sadly I missed the goat yoga as I went to the Stampede Session taping for Lindsay Ell, and couldn’t make it back in time to try and photograph but from everything I saw on social media I missed an entertaining time.

This was an  amazing and busy weekend but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just seeing how these artists come together like family to show appreciation and help lift each other up was a sight to see. So many shows and fun things going on but only one of me sadly, I hope to get this chance in the future, and to actually go to the show.