Cars Dealers Adjusting Service Due To Pandemic

Some local businesses have had to make some adjustments to how they operate because of the global pandemic.

One example is at Mighty Peace GM where according to part owner Peter Herritt, they’re now dropping off vehicles at people’s houses for test drives and picking up vehicles for service appointments.

“So we actually go to the driveway, pick up the vehicle and bring it here. Whether we replace the windshield, warranty, oil change, you name it, and then we just drop the vehicle off after and it’s all disinfected at the same time here in the store. Obviously we’re giving lots of options for different kinds of payments.”

Herritt says their main focus right now is trying to “step up” efforts to improve the experience for their customers.

“We’re very busy as a store here. All we’re doing is still continuing to create the customer experience that we regularly do here at Mighty Peace. If anything, we’re trying to step it up.”

– Kyle Moore, Trending 55 Newsroom