Canada’s favourite condiment is… guac?

This is raising a lot of questions to me and not many answers. Ethics questions. Philosophical questions. Political questions? Maybe. Questions all the same.

This week, a study done by was aiming to figure out each country’s favourite condiment. They went about this by comparing search data from each country, and then… I guess whichever condiment had the highest searches is the favourite.
Which is a pretty bad method! Thats some really terrible science! They’re going on the assumption that people just sit at their computers googling their favourite condiments…
Actually. They might have a point because after a brief look into my CTRL+H I found I actually have googled Mayo a bunch of times recently (I was looking for a recipe to make myself. It turned out great thanks for asking)

Anyway! Using this method they determined Canada’s favourite condiment was.. Guacamole. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Alright. I can understand how we got to this point but now I’m forced to grapple with the idea of guacamole being a condiment. My first emotional reaction is “No it isn’t”. But then my second emotional reaction is “if you work on the preassumption that guac is a condiment… it would be an absolutely top tier condiment and that’s a world I want to live in”.

It probably isn’t a condiment… but what if it was? At what point does something become a condiment? An avocado isn’t a condiment any more than a tomato is. But once you mash it up and throw some jazz in there is that transformational enough to become a condiment? Thats basically ketchup if you think about it.

This question was too big to grapple myself so I asked our beautiful facebook commenters to help.

Tracy says “I use it as a condiment and a dip. Very much depends on what I am eating.”
Logan says “Guacamole is a dip, not a condiment.”
Calvin says “Guacamolé is a dip Or topping!”
and Finally Kayla says “Guacamole is life 😍 Use it however you like. Dip, condiment, topping or just as is. *insert Homer voice* Mmmm Guacamole 🤙

So it seems like the jury is leaning towards classifying it as a dip. Which is probably correct so maybe we’ll just leave it there.