Black bear walks into Slave Lake barbershop

The LionsDen Barbershop in Slave Lake had a surprise visitor on Wednesday afternoon as a black bear cub entered the shop.

LionsDen owner Sam Assaf was in his car with his wife when he spotted the cub across the street from the barbershop. The cub crossed the street and eventually entered the shop. One customer closed the door behind the bear to keep it contained inside the shop.

Assaf called 911, and Alberta Fish and Wildlife soon after the bear went inside. When officers arrived, they warned the potentially frightened onlookers to stay away from the window. After a few minutes, when the crowd dispersed, the officers released the cub and chased it into the bushes.

The cub was inside the shop for close to half an hour, and reportedly was not aggressive. No one was hurt in the incident.

Around this time of year, bears are beginning to gather food to prepare for hibernation, so sightings are generally more common. In case of a bear sighting, call the police and your nearest Alberta Fish and Wildlife detachment.

-Christian Oldale, Trending 55 Newsroom


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