Being Told You Don’t Matter

Lately I’ve gotten the feeling that websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube don’t actually care about the people who use the site. I mean, I probably should have figured that out decades ago. They’re more interested in making money than making their websites a positive place for the users to be. A few weeks ago, YouTube announced that they would be removing the ability for users to add subtitles to videos they didn’t upload. This used to be a huge accessibility feature, where a few devoted fans could work to make the video watchable by people with hearing impairment. It also meant that the video could be translated, so that people from other places could still watch the videos. But yeah, now if you want subtitles on your video, you either have to go with the laughably terrible auto-generated ones from Google, or you can shill out tons of money to a third party company, and they’ll do it for you.

A few months ago, both YouTube AND Facebook removed the ability to make polls. Although it does still exist in some form, on YouTube, it’s only under the Community tab, which most people ignore, and on Facebook it’s only under Stories, and only on Facebook Mobile, so not only is it really hard to find, it also only lasts one day.

I understand that these are features which don’t necessarily allow these sites to get more money, and maybe they don’t want to have to invest in the infrastructure or manpower to update it or upkeep it, but it’s the small things like this which add up to a general feeling that the people in charge just kind of don’t care about us. I’ve spent a lot of my life being on these websites, and I’ve seen countless features get removed over the years. It’s one of the reasons why since I’ve started spending time on Discord, I’ve just enjoyed the experience so much.

The devs of Discord are definitely trying to make money, I mean obviously, it’s a business. But they also listen to their users, and they always change things that the users say are a problem, while almost never removing features.

I guess for me, I just can’t understand someone doing something deliberately against the interest of the people around them, simply because they think it’ll make them more money. Though I also have this complaint about most big companies, so I don’t know why I think Social Media Sites should be exempt. At the end of the day, all I can say is that if I was in charge of these things, I would not do it this way.