Be Careful What You Post on Social Media it Could Get You A Ticket

This past week a B.C man was fined $2,000 for a post he made on social media, what was that post that got him in so much trouble? It was a picture of him feeding a young grizzly bear a timbit. The man’s picture was seen by the authorities and charged for violating the B.C. Wildlife Act. Really makes you think about what you post on Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram, an if it can come back to bite you.

This is just insane to do in the first place, who goes to try to feed a grizzly bear in the first place, thankfully he wasn’t bit or attacked, and that he stayed in his car. Please don’t feed bears and be sure to make sure anything you post on social media won’t come back to bite you in the butt, because as we have learned it gives the authorities the proof you broke the law.

Is it just me or if you put a green fedora and a tie on him you’d have Yogi Bear?