All Elite Wrestling’s TV Debut Review

This past year a new wrestling promotion was founded called All Elite Wrestling or AEW for short, and last night they made their TV debut with a live broadcast after running several PPV events. The show started off right with a good match with Cody (Rhodes) vs Sammy Guevara, but following the conclusion of the match it is safe to say it was messy from that point on. While there were some good matches it felt disjointed, with ill timed commercial breaks as well as a useless segment plugging the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie was very poorly done. The main event was set to be the saving grace having The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks) taking on AEW World Champion Chris Jericho and LAX. A match that should have saved the night but was extremely messy, with Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose to WWE fans) interfering early taking Kenny out of the match, with no coverage of the match in the ring as they fought in the backstage area, not to mention the madhouse that was the post match with multiple people running in and a debuting Bellator MMA fighter Jack Hagger (formerly Jack Swagger). AEW was trying to cram in as much they possibly could in their 2 hour television debut and it ended up being a mess. I believe they  have the talent in ring and backstage to fix these issues but as they are head to head on TV with WWE’s NXT so it needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.