Did I hear That Right?

Back about forty five years, when I was a teenager playing the guitar, if you wanted to find the lyrics to a song it could be quite a challenge. You had to listen to the song over and over to get it. You could do this by trying to catch it on the radio but that was hit or miss. Some people like me would record the song off the radio and use that, starting stopping and rewinding until you figured you had the song figured out though it was easy to mishear the lyrics. If you could get the LP or cassette, you could do the same but if you were lucky the lyrics would already be written out on the album liner or cassette insert.

Mind you, sometimes they got as wrong as you with your cheap cassette recorder. I was discussing this with someone on line and we both remembered the same album. It was from Penny Lane on The Beatles 1967 – 1970 compilation album. The line they gave was

“In Penny Lane the barber shaves another customer, we see the banker sitting waiting for a TREND.” That never made sense to me. What trend was he waiting for? Bell bottom jeans? Bushy moustaches? Of course the actual line was ” sitting for a TRIM.” Made much more sense

Just like album liners from back when, even modern lyric sites get it wrong. I went looking for the lyrics to Dean Brody’s “Canadian Summer” and the site I used had an error in one line. More than that, almost all the others copied that error. And it’s very obvious what the line is if you are the least bit familiar with Canadian pop culture.

The line in question was “Baby, you’re still wearing my (   ) t-shirt. As I said, almost every site put the word “hemp” in the parentheses. But when you list to the song every day you know that the word “Hip”  belongs there. Hip. The Hip. The Tragically Hip. In light of all the other Canadian cultural references, this makes way more sense. And how did I confirm it? By pulling up the song on YouTube and playing an replaying it to my satisfaction just like the old days. Listen for your self.

Dean Brody – Canadian Summer (acoustic)