The Town of High Level’s response to COVID-19

The Town of High Level would like to provide some information on emergency planning and our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Town’s primary goal in this case is to ensure this community remains safe while critical services and infrastructure are preserved. We also have a duty to providing information and assisting local residents in making informed decisions for their own response to COVID-19.

The Town of High Level is reviewing and updating our plans for dealing with this emergency. Some of that work involves ensuring we have staff in place to maintain services provided to the community, ensuring the Town has an adequate stock of supplies and materials, and taking steps to safeguard Town employees.

We are also going to do what we can to assist other levels of government and Alberta Health Services with their efforts in dealing with the issue, should that need arise.

Information regarding the Town of High Level’s response, preparation, and status of events and facilities, as well as any announcements of a more general nature will be made to the Town Website ( and social media accounts.

What can I do?

First, it is very important to remember the risk of contracting this virus is very low.

We also ask that you take some basic precautions to ensure you and your family remain healthy.

· Stay informed!

· Wash your hands frequently.

· Avoid touching your face.

· Avoid close contact with people who are ill.

· Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and areas.

· If you are feeling ill, please stay home and take the necessary precautions

· Cover your coughs and sneezes, and wash your hands.

Town events

On March 12, 2020, the Provincial Government made a request to organizers that any events that involved more than 250 participants should be canceled.

Many community events in High Level draw numbers far below that threshold, and for the time being will be moving ahead as planned. Please watch for updates for any events you were planning on attending, however.

Town staff will monitor the situation locally and any impact on the community will be fully considered prior to making any decision on cancellation.

Town Facilities

For the time being, all Town facilities will continue to run as usual. This includes the Arena, Curling Rink, Pool, Library, Museum, and Town Programming. Please watch for updates for any facilities you were planning to attend, however.

Town staff will monitor the situation locally and any impact on the community will be fully considered prior to making any decision on closure.

For Information and resources on COVID-19

The Town of High Level is working to focus on a single point of information. This means we are directing anyone looking for information to visit Alberta Health Services at, the Government of Alberta at

Anyone who has traveled or recently been in contact with someone who has traveled, and who may be displaying symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, cough, extreme tiredness, and difficulty breathing, is asked to stay home and call Health Link (811).

Anyone who is seriously ill is asked to avoid going to a health facility without first consulting Health Link (811) for a telephone assessment.

Anyone who is seriously ill and in need of immediate medical attention is asked to call 911 and inform the dispatch operator of your situation and symptoms.


Health Link (811) is currently experiencing very high call volumes from individuals seeking advice on Covid-19. AHS is training additional clinical staff and they continue to come on board to provide dedicated COVID-19 support.

– With files from the Town of High Level