Retro Movie Review: Pure Country

Last week was the 26th anniversary of the 1992 film Pure Country which saw the acting debut of the king of country George Strait. The movie centres around Strait’s character Wyatt “Dusty” Chandler, who is a big country star who is getting tired of the lights, smoke and the big arena concerts, so he decides to “go for a walk.” One of “Dusty’s” roadies Buddy Jackson (played by a young Kyle Chandler), is trying to make it and when Dusty is a no show at a concert, rather than cancel his manager has Buddy go stage with a voicing track without telling the band. “Dusty” going by his real name Wyatt is hanging out in a small town where his grandma lives getting back to his roots while his old friend/manager is losing it, trying to find him with Buddy making noise about getting recognition. The movie isn’t a masterpiece but tells a great story and works 26 years later as a commentary about modern country music and how it’s reached a point where people pay big bucks for a light and smoke show essentially a circus  rather than to listen and enjoy the music. George Strait for this movie made a lot of music and a soundtrack that is one of his best selling albums. Pure Country makes me wonder why George didn’t do a few more movies over the years, as he proved to be quite good at it, not to mention it was shocking to see the young Kyle Chandler, best known for his role as Coach Eric Taylor in Friday Night Lights as well as his role in Wolf of Wall Street in there. If you love country music, I suggest you give it a watch if you haven’t seen it, or even if you aren’t a major fan of the genre it is still a good movie for a night in.