Preseason Hockey is Underway and it Matters to Some

Hockey is back in the NHL,  though the regular season doesn’t start until October 2nd,  preseason the games may not matter to us the fans but it does matter to a group of people. For the casual hockey fan preseason is at best a look at what players might play for the team in the coming years with many roster spots already filled, but for those non NHL mainstays this is there chance to show they have what it takes to play in the big leagues. Players like Buffalo Sabres Victor Olofsson, got only a few games in at the end of the year but has this few week period to prove he can stay in the big leagues or be a 24 year old in the AHL, which means not likely going to be a mainstay. In a case closer to home 19 year old Evan Bouchard a prospect for the Edmonton Oilers is playing to prove he was worth being selected number 10 in the 2018 NHL Entry Draft and has been quoted saying, “you have to come in here and take someone’s job.” For us the fans, it is cheaper tickets to an expensive sporting event or a small look at a potential future for the team but to others it is about a chance to really live out their childhood dream, and nobody dreams of playing a some exhibition or a few regular season games over a career but to have a legitimate full time job playing professional hockey in the NHL. So best of luck to all those playing  and fighting to make their dreams a reality.