Peace River Bridge — Construction Update

PEACE RIVER — The construction of the Peace River Bridge is currently on schedule to meet it’s 2020 completion date.

On April 8th, Tyler Wilson, bridge manager with Alberta Transportation, met with the Peace River Rotary Club to make a presentation regarding the latest developments regarding the construction of the Peace River bridge.

Wilson says that Piers one through three have been constructed, as well as both the East and West embankments. At this time, Pier 5’s construction is currently underway and is progressing on schedule.

Currently the bridge manager notes that Pier 3 for the Main Bridge is most critical to their overall schedule, due to a limited window for execution. Construction of Pier 3 will be imperative to finishing the overall project in time, as according to Alberta Transportation Piers 4 & 5 are also supposed to be constructed by the end of this year. Girders are scheduled to be installed in the fall of 2019 for Piers one to four.

Wilson says that amongst the challenges facing bridge construction, geo-technical stability issues remain at the forefront along with flooding water overtopping the access road. Wilson adds that workers have hit a number of boulders during drilling, and have also encountered pockets of gas. The progression of the ice front was also noted as a challenge faced by crews.

–Alex Rodgerson, Trending 55 News