Peace Region residents generally unconcerned about English royals potentially moving to Canada

This week on the Trending 55 poll, we asked if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announcement they wanted to step away as senior royals and possibly live in Canada part-time had residents caring if they did so.

Out of 508 votes, 88% of responders (449) stated that they did not care about the royals moving to Canada.

“As long as Canadian taxes don’t go to support them in any way and they are regular civilian citizens that have to follow all Canadian laws and immigration regulations” commented Cory Brulotte.

“Hoping they are able to meet their own needs and we do not have to support then in anyway. They should not be given any special treatment for coming to live in Canada, otherwise should consider living elsewhere. Earn their living as regular citizens of Canada.” Pauline Chouinard commented.

“I care if I have to pay for it” Jordana Gerwatoski had commented.

Bradley Johner shared the sentiments; “I care that its going to cost us 240,000$ a yr to protect them!”

The general consensus among commenters was the concern of Canadian taxpayers having to foot the bill for the royals to live in Canada.

On this week for the Trending 55 poll of the week, we’re asking you about the airport. In regards to the Peace River Regional Airport, is the passenger service between Peace River and Edmonton (or Calgary) important to you in a new airport model? Have your say on the Trending 55 Newsroom Facebook page.

-Ridley Reiser, Trending 55 Newsroom