Peace Region residents don’t feel good about province’s chances to win appeal of federal carbon tax

People in the Peace Region do not have the confidence in the provincial government when it comes to appealing the federal carbon tax. The Trending 55 Poll of the Week asked you if you felt the province would win, or lose, its appeal on whether the federal government could impose a carbon tax on provinces.

196 people cast a vote and 73 percent (143) voters feel the province is fighting a losing battle. Here are some comments from the poll.

Ed Lock “Sadly, the province government can’t win as it’s asking the wrong question of the courts.”

Cindy Hockley “But hey, why not throw more money at it?”

This week’s question is about Premier Jason Kenney’s performance in 2019. Do you feel Kenney has done a good job as premier? Have your say on the Trending 55 Facebook Page. 

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom