November – Rachel Gannon

November’s athlete of the month is grade 11 student, Rachel Gannon. Rachel is a leftside volleyball player for Peace River School Division’s team. In October, her team  and the boy’s team both won gold in their tournament in Whitecourt. Rachel’s favourite sport is volleyball, which shows as she not only plays for the school’s team but for a club as well.

Rachel says that her favourite thing about volleyball is being on a team, “It’s almost like a family, you connect so well to a team and they’re always there for you and playing brings out the stress in everything.”

She would like to thank her coaches for their support. Her mom is her coach outside of playing for school and has encouraged her each year and her dad comes to every game.

Rachel says that her go to motto is “doing it for the team” because it motivates her to play harder for her team each game. Her role model is USA leftside, #10, Jordan Larson.

Her  coach, James Pobuda, says “Rachel is very consistent and punishing to her opponents when she hits the ball and ends points quick for us.” Adding that she is their go to player for when they need to earn a point. He says that her ability to be chosen is due to the team being able to bond together and do really well.

Congratulations, Rachel and we wish you continued success.