No Roll Up The Rim Cups

Roll Up the Rim is easily Tim Horton’s biggest contest, and it is being hit hard this year. Tim Horton’s who saw a major drop in sales in the past year already altered Roll Up the Rim to be 4 weeks long (shorter than in the past), and is trying digital spins on their app, but they were still suppose to have physical cups you can roll up for 2 of the 4 weeks but not anymore. Due to the Coronavirus they have abandoned the physical roll up cups, not only that but using/bringing a re-usable cup/mug was supposed to get you 3 spins, but due to the Coronavirus they are not accepting or filling re-usable cup/mugs at this time. The contest is set to begin on Wednesday (March 11th), and the company has said it will redistribute all $30M worth of prizes to restaurant giveaways, digital contest.