MD of Greenview considering new boat launch for Simonette River

GREENVIEW — Greenview council are discussing the creation of a new emergency access boat launch for the Simonette River.

During the summer of 2018, a family of four was swimming in the Simonette River when two children were carried away by the current. The mother and father attempted to help the children; however they were then both carried away by the current as well.

The DeBolt Fire Department was forced to launch a rescue boat from the Smoky River in order to get to the Simonette, as there are currently no boat launches on the Simonette River. This would lead to an increased rescue operation response time, putting the well-being of the family at further risk.

After meeting with Alberta Parks regarding their desire to create a new emergency boat launch on the Simonette River, it was determined by Greenview administration that a recommendation be made to council to allocate funds from the Recreation Budget for the project. Alberta Parks is willing to develop an emergency boat launch located within the Simonette Provincial Recreation Area, if Greenview is able to cover the associated project cost.

Alberta Parks spoke to a contractor and received a quote in the amount of $5,600.00 for the project including materials, equipment, and labour. Therefore, administration is recommending Council provide $5,600.00 to fund the development of the boat launch.

If Greenview is willing to provide the funding for the project, Alberta Parks say they will complete all formal planning, construction and general maintenance.

Greenview notes the benefits of the recommended action being that emergency services will have better access to the Simonette River during emergency situations, thus decreasing response time and reducing the risk to the public’s safety.

–Alex Rodgerson, Trending 55 News