Majority of poll respondents feel blockades are not a sutiable form of protest

Most people in the Peace and Mackenzie regions feel there are more suitable forms of protest instead of blockades.

Out of 148 voters to last week’s Trending 55 Poll of the Week, 128 – or 86 percent – voters felt blockades are wrong.

Posted below are some opinions we received on the polls.


Tarcy Schindelka How about a protest march? One that doesn’t block anything, including traffic, for more than a couple hours?

Rally at the capital buildings. Rally wherever that doesn’t disrupt an entire country’s economy. Especially since the WFN has signed an agreement.

Hereditary chiefs are two-three people, as opposed to the entire band that supports it.

The bands opposed are highlighted in this picture in red.


Breanna Marie Watson What protests can you honestly think of that weren’t disruptive to someone?! If you wanna make yourself heard, sometimes you have to be loud and bold.


On this week’s poll, Peace River-Westlock MP, Arnold Viersen is one of four Alberta Members of Parliament to sign the Buffalo Declaration.

This declaration says Alberta will strongly consider separating from Canada if it doesn’t get a fair deal. Do you think Alberta will eventually pull out of confederation?

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– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom