Mackenzie County considering a new Modified Work Program Policy

MACKENZIE COUNTY — Mackenzie County council are looking to draft a new Modified Work Program Policy.

Under the new Workers’ Compensation legislation, which came into effect September 18th, 2018, it is a requirement of each municipality to offer injured workers modified work. It is also important for the organizations to have a solid return-to-work plan in place when injuries take place.

The purpose of the Modified Work Program is to provide a process for assisting employees who are temporarily unable to perform some or all of their regular job functions due to injury or illness, to return to productive work in a safe and timely manner.

Mackenzie County has always implemented modified work options for their employees, but currently does not have a written policy in place.

Therefore, County administration is recommending that a new policy for the Modified Work Program Policy be established, as per Workers’ Compensation requirements, which in doing so would be said to also reduce WCB premiums.

Modifying duties is also said to reduce time lost from work, employee turnover and retraining costs.

It is noted by Mackenzie County that 93% of injured workers returned to their date-of-accident employment, and 80% of injured workers were placed in modified duties while they recovered. On average, the County accommodates one employee on a modified program per year.

Alex Rodgerson, Trending 55 News