Joe Rogan…….The Master of Interviews?

I’ve been a big fan of The Joe Rogan Experience for a long time. I don’t think I have ever watched a better interviewer in my life, nor do I think I’ll ever find someone better then him. He manages to make every show different yet the same. Interviewing people from the likes of Elon Musk, all the way to someone like Alex Jones. And he doesn’t discriminate based on what people think of said interviewee, if he wants to speak with them, or he finds them interesting……He’s going to have them on his show. I have to say as well, his “controversial” episodes are my favourite to watch. He’s pretty loyal to his fans as well. When the creator of twitter came on his show for an episode, and it didn’t go the way Joe’s fans wanted it to…..He had him come back on! With tougher questions…..The questions his fans wanted him to ask. In fact he even brought on another guest during the show, who had far more knowledge on the topic. Joe Rogan is hands down the best interviewer we currently have on any platform. He’s unbiased, asks interesting topics, and will listen to just about anyone side as to why they think the way they do. It  truly is an experience watching JRE.