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Business Administration Accounting Diploma – Get started on a career as a professional in the accounting field by augmenting your Business Administration Certificate with a focus on accounting systems. Northern Lakes College offers the online Business Administration Diploma available ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! This business diploma program is offered part-time and has transfer options to other institutions.

Introduction to Surveying – Prepare for a surveying career with the Northern Lakes College Introduction to Surveying program. The program offers a solid foundation of survey theory and includes a hands-on field experience, preparing you for an entry-level position as a member of a survey crew. Delivery options include funding-eligible, full- and part-time programs, while self-study online options offer flexible monthly start dates NOW. Apply today!

Welder Apprenticeship Second and Third Period – If an arc or MIG welder is a tool of your trade, then we have the welding apprenticeship program for you. Northern Lakes College Welder Apprenticeship programs are offered in a traditional classroom setting with shop and lab time to practice your skills. These programs are open to registered apprentices. Apply today as the Second and Third periods of Welder Apprenticeship start in May.

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