Into the Spider-verse gets a sequel and spin-off!

From what I’ve seen from the Spider-verse previews it looks pretty cool. A unique animation style, funny and playing around with the Spiderman universe in a fun way.

I guess the studios really believes in it too. The film’s not going to be out for a couple weeks, but they’ve just announced a sequel and a spin-off series with the ladies of the Spider-verse. It’s really a breath of fresh air for superheroes movies. Having more feature lengths animated movies removes a lot of limitations that live-action struggles with in these worlds. We’ve also had a serious lack of female heroes. Wonder Woman finally made it, and we’ve got Captain marvel out next year. But it’s taking a long time to get a decent amount of girls in capes.

I’m happy that this style is getting some love, even before everyone sees it. What do you think? Do you want more movies just from seeing the trailers?