First COVID-19 case confirmed in the Peace River area

Alberta Health Services is reporting the first case of COVID-19 in the Peace River area.

However, according to the AHS map, the Peace River area includes the town, as well as the Town of Grimshaw, and surrounding communities.

Upon hearing this news, Peace River Mayor Tom Tarpey released a statement, posted below.


Today we learned of the first case of COVID-19 to be confirmed in the Peace River area. This is coming to us from Alberta Health Services. Alberta Health Services defines the Peace River area as including the Towns of Peace River and Grimshaw, as well as many places nearby. Alberta Health Services has a duty to protect patient privacy and also a duty to keep the public informed. This is a fine line that they are walking extremely well.

We should not be focusing on the identity of the confirmed case. They deserve their privacy. Alberta Health will be notifying close contacts through their contact tracing. With this case confirmed it is likely that we may see additional confirmed cases in our area over the next little while. It may be disconcerting but we must not panic.

Instead we need to focus on the steps that we can take to limit the spread. That means self-isolating if you feel unwell. When you’re feeling well it means social/physical distancing, keeping 6ft (2m) between yourself and others. I really want to emphasize the value of following the advice and directives of Alberta Health.

This is a moment to support each other, even if we can’t gather physically. Across the province and in this community we have already found many creative ways of staying in touch, supporting each other and building social bonds, without getting physically close. I want to thank everyone who has helped in this regard, together, yet physically separate we will get through this.

Sincerely, Mayor Tom Tarpey

– Kenny Trenton, Trending 55 Newsroom

– With files from the Town of Peace River

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