Chicken Wings Aren’t The Most Popular Super Bowl Food?!?!?!

According to a new study, this year the most popular snack for the Super Bowl isn’t chicken wings despite the fact American’s are projected to consume 1.4 billion this Sunday during the big game but if it’s not chicken wings what could it be ? Well according to online marketplace Bid-on-Equipment has gathered up some Google stats on what the US is planning to eat this coming Sunday, and it is cocktail wieners !!! Where in the world did that come from? You would maybe chips or nachos might take that honor or pizza, but cocktail wieners? Apparently cocktail wieners were the most searched food in the most amount of states, 11 states to be exact and they were Colorado, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.

This is shocking for me to find out especially since growing up I was awarded the title as Chicken Wing King at the age of seven, and that is a defended title. What snacks will you be enjoying during the big game???