A hunter in Norway shot two moose which wouldn’t make much of a story until you learn that he was shooting through the fence of a zoo. The animals were in the Polar Park Arctic Wildlife center in northern Norway
The hunter was with a group hunting moose with specially trained dogs at the boundary of the park. One of the dogs went under the fence into the park after the scent of one of the huge animals and the hunter took a shot. His bullet passed through one animal, killing it, and lodged in the stomach of a second, which later had to be euthanized.
Polar Park will not press charges against the hunter because it was an accident, but the zoo is asking that the hunters pay its costs. “We have to buy two new moose, the cost of the vet, autopsy, transportation and destruction,” polar park CEO Heinz Strathmann said. A moose costs about 30,000 krone ($3,500) to buy, he added.