Your average run-of-the mill thief may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but this unnamed man from Basildon, England has taken the cake after deciding to call the police on himself. After setting off a security device, the man became trapped inside a gas station, while trying to rob it.

The man, perhaps terrified at the thought of being trapped for a few hours in small space or just really having somewhere else to be, panicked and dialed 999 from his mobile. The log indicates the police operator tried to call the number back, but the line was busy. Presumably the criminal had realized a better long-term plan would perhaps be to phone a friend rather than the police – but it was all a little too late by then.

Police arrived quickly on the scene along with a fire crew and paramedics. The man was taken to hospital with leg injuries from where, we can only guess, he tried to kick his way out of his newly-found gas station prison.